First Trip to the Flight Line

Damon Rarey:
I can't resist commenting on this drawing, one of my favorites. Note the contrast between the handsome, square-jawed experienced pilots in the lower right corner, as they must have appeared to the apprehensive new cadets, who look about 12 years old.

Rarey's letter (from a few weeks later):
The flying yesterday and today was about the same - consistently mediocer (God, how do you spell that?). When the whole world beneath you looks like a patchwork quilt, it's a little difficult to know just where you are and what direction you are flying in relation to the airport. You must also be continually aware of what direction the wind is in. Now for a guy who invariably comes out of subways in the wrong direction and can't even navigate himself through Greenwich Village without getting lost, this can be tough! What a business! My instructor closed the throttle on me at 500 feet over some fields and woods and told me to set it down - "forced landing." I finally landed but there were some mighty worried pine trees around there.

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