Chevron Conservation Awards Presentation


This 60-second opening animation was projected on a large screen at the Chevron Conservation Awards Presentation at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC in September 1997. Prism did several more minutes of animation for the presentation of awards.

Black starfield with starchart moving clockwise. Wedge wipe moves up.

Spreading triangle wipe comes down from top.

Text moves in from right to left.

Triangle wipe spreads across entire screen.

Large individual letters fade in and out.

New triangle comes in from below.

Spreading triangle reveals nautilus while letters fade.


Nautilus full screen.

New triangle from top reveals fish going by

Ripple appears over moving fish.

Ripple spreads as fish exits left.

Letters fades in under ripple.

Arc wipe comes up from bottom revealing moving clouds.

Second arc wipe come up in opposite direction revealing tree.

Clouds fill background as tree wipe continues.


Tree fully revealed.

Wedge wipe comes up changing all colors.

Spreading triangle wipe comes down from top.

Moving word revealed by triangle.


Colors change.

New triangle from bottom which will bring in final logo.