February 12, Thursday

Went to the library after school and I was walking back toward the tables when I saw Jane Carber and Kathy Kadenza (spelling?), the new girl from Big Walnut, standing at the card catalogue. I never met Kathy, so I figured she didn't know me from Moses. Well, I decided to say hi to Jane so I said, "Hi, Carby," which is a pet name that Mr. Jones has for her in Algebra.

Much to my confusion and surprise Kathy said, "Hi." I heard Jane say, "Well, why don't you say hi to me too?" They thought I said "Kathy" instead of "Carby"!!! I figured it was messed up enough, so I just kept walking.

Later as Danny and I were leaving Jane said good-bye to me and I said good-bye back and Kathy said good-bye too, but I didn't realize it was meant for me, so I didn't say anything, just went on getting my books together. Then again a more insistent "Good-bye." I looked and saw she was looking at me from under her eyelashes. VAVOOM! I said good-bye passionately and left with a hard pecker.

February 13, Friday

I was coming down the hall after third period and I walked behind Georgia Meeks and just kind of let my hand brush across her ass. Wow! I could practically feel her crack and everything!

I painted a pretty neat picture after school. About the best work I've done in oils so far. It's a picture of a solitary soldier, sitting on the wet ground behind a sandbag wall, staring out into space and holding his rifle. I got inspiration from a Jack Davis drawing in "Humbug."

Feb. 14, Saturday. Valentine's Day

Had the party this evening at Danny Rigg's. The people who were there were: Phil Comstock and Carol Short, Jim Henry and Kathy Cadenza, Gary Olmstead and Karen Clegg, Danny Rigg and Dolores Destefano, and of course me and Stella. Although I didn't kiss her I had a lot of fun. In the show we were the closest we've ever been. Walking from the show to Danny's house we held hands very nicely. (First time I ever persuaded her to do that.) At the party when we were sitting down I always had my arm around her, and we were plenty close. When we danced we danced cheek to cheek or head to head as the case was. (Another first.) Yep, it was a real success. God, I'm wild over that Stella. She sure is neat as hell. There are lots of neater girls, but, I don't know, she seems just right.

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