February 8, Sunday

Danny Rigg is having an informal little Valentine's day party after the show Saturday night. I guess I'll make a final try with Stella and ask her. I spose I'll make her a big Valentine card. I might even buy her a box of Valentine candy, but I don't know. They‚re expensive as hell.

She was in Sunday school today. Man, she looked neat as HELL! I'm glad I went instead of going to Frost's and having cokes, like usual.

I couldn't take my eyes off her.

I KNOW she likes me but she's so damn COLD! I'll warm her up with the damn candy.

Danny and I were supposed to go to the library today to get some research done on our health report. I'm supposed to make charts but I haven't started yet because I don't know what I'm supposed to put on them even. We don't even have a TOPIC!

February 10, Tuesday

Asked Stella to go to Danny's party and the show for Saturday. I made her a Valentine tonight. It says "Ego Te Amo" (I love you in Latin). I guess I'll be buying her some Valentine candy. Anyhow, for a change I have some money.

Got a record, "Tragedy." It's really neat.

Also bought a dark grey sleeveless sweater today. It's pretty neat looking and I got it on sale. I'll probably wear it to the party.

February 11, Wednesday

Went to the orthodontist last night with Stella. Her mom drove. Man! I could hardly contain myself! She sure is neat! Dr. Williams said I should start retainers next time.

Had a neat dream. Kathy Lovejoy was in it. For some important reason she had to get out of school. She was crying. I was inside a dark room looking out a big doorway. She and Mr. Schwind were in the hall and she was pleading with him. He told her he couldn't let her leave and walked off. She looked real small and alone, crying. I have never seen anything so neat.

God! Getting worried. We still don't have a topic for health. I'm scared pissless about what Mr. Streets is going to say.

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