Summer, 1960, Various Ohio towns.

Working in a cookstand at four county fairs in a month. Waiting counter from 9:00 AM to midnight, seven days a week. Sleeping in a tent, no showers. Tearing down the joint at midnight of the fair's last day, driving all night, and setting up at the next fair, ready to be open at 1:00 PM. Calling Dolores from a pay phone on restroom breaks. Don, the tough, 24-year-old griddle man, who quit after four days to work for Tiny Tim, the Fat Man. The Deerwester brothers who ate every day at the stand, carnies who ran most of the rides at the fair. The cute little blonde in Washington Courthouse named Becky Slaughter who Snavely could have definitely gone for if given half a chance...which he wasn't.


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