"Al Capone" and "Queen of Outer Space" were playing. "Queen of Outer Space" was first and it was really shitty. God, it was a damn cheap fake. These guys take off in a space ship that first looks like an Atlas missile and then a toy rocket. They land on Venus and the only people on it are a bunch of broads. So this bunch of women catch the guys and give them a bad time. "Al Capone" was good, though.

We fagged like crazy all through it. I had six cigarettes and two cigars. Froelich counted them for me. I don't know how many the other guys had. We wise-cracked and laughed like crazy.

During the first movie we read these books (Oh, these books!) Froelich had swiped for tonight from his dad. Were they ever the most filthy things! They used slang all through it too - the worst cuss words you can imagine. They had pictures too, of people doing every damn thing to one another you can imagine. Also he had some glossy photographs, real clear, of naked women. God, they were too much!

Just before the show ended we started the car and went around the back row looking for make outs. We saw a couple but we couldn't see what they were doing.

We headed for town, sometimes hitting 85 m.p.h. We stopped in the all night Marathon station at the corner of County Line Road and got 5 cents worth of kerosene for our lantern.

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