Wednesday, July 1, 1959

Old man Hauser didn't want me to work in the cornfield today so Mom got me a job out at Stookey's farm stacking bales of hay. I went out about 11:00 and started stacking with old man Stookey and later Carl Kelly and Bob Froelich and Bob's cousin, Vaughn, showed up. We worked on and off and messed around the whole afternoon. It was hot as hell and my arms got all scratched up from lifting the hay bales.

Finally we all went swimming in the pond behind the barn. Then Gail Stookey and Froelich's sister, Jill, showed up and went swimming too. I got some feels off Jill, ducking her. Carl said he and Froelich and Vaughn were going to sleep out and he said I could too. Old Man Stookey said we could sleep in his barn. I went home and asked Mom and both she and Dad said yes. I got my sleeping bag and waited for Carl to pick me up. Carl came by in his old Pontiac. I put my sleeping bag in the trunk and we over to Froelich's. We switched our stuff into Froelich's dad's station wagon.

They had fags, small cigars and firecrackers. We took off for the Big Bev to get hamburgers with Froelich driving and Carl riding shotgun and me and Vaughn in back. We got to the Bev and parked and saw Carol Jones and Sandy Crenshaw, two NEAT girls in the senior class. Carl talked to them because he's a senior too. We got cokes and took off for the 17th Avenue Drive-In Theater.

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