Panel 98 Well, all they had were $6.00 dogs, so that's what we got. I had to borrow two bucks. I managed to get a dog in black because Jane's room is in black and gray or something like that. Ran through the crowd clutching soft, cool stuffed dogs. Dodging people. Came up to the bandstand where we had left the girls, completely empty except for the girls sitting in the last row of benches and a couple of M.P.s hanging around. Dark. We came up behind them and shoved the dogs in their laps. Jane's smile, white, beautiful. Raving about the dog. "He's so cute! He's so soft. I love him. Thank you, thank you." As we were walking to the phone booth to call Mr. Rigg (really) she was still saying exquisite things. Kissed me on the neck. Wonderful.

At her doorstep I felt perfectly natural. Stood close to her, looking down at her. Her face, dimly lit, looking up. Pretty smile. Leaned down and kissed her. Said good night. Felt so DAMN good going home.