Panel 116 November 10, Monday.

Just talking to Jane on the telephone. Dad's not home and Mom was upstairs so I talked to her for about an hour. She's being VERY sweet. Lord, how sweet. I never had it so good. She's having a period right now, I know from different sources, mainly her. I wonder if that's why she's so nice. Girls get hot at that time of the month. Times like these, GOD, how I like her! We've been making plans for Christmas about presents and all that jazz. I guess we're going to get each other these real cool matching sweaters with real wide stripes. They'll look cool. Lord, she can be so GODDAM nice when she wants to. VOOM!

Last night of football practice tonight. We turned in our uniforms.

Eck's not going to ask Jane to the show. He chickened out. I'm just as glad now that she's being so nice.