Dress-up Clothes

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Jane is wearing a striped blazer with a permanently pleated solid skirt, made of denim in Arnel Triacetate-Cotton. White gloves are de riguer for church, weddings, graduations and funerals.

Snavely's grandfather, a tailor in Cleveland, gave him a blazer for his birthday, but it was, of all things, BLUE. Ugh! He would not wear it. If only he could dye it a different color.

He consulted his mother and found that the only color that would cover blue was...black. Oh, all right. He was desperate - his old suit looked like it belonged to a sixth-grader and he had nothing else to dress up in! God! If only he could dye the blazer olive green! That would be so cool. But no, impossible.

So, what the hell, a black blazer wasn't so bad...after the dye process it looked a little cheesy...but...

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