Casual Wear

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Casual - not quite everyday, not quite dress-up. These outfits would be appropriate for a party or for school.

Jane: Black straight skirt, hemline higher than last year. Perennial solid-color pastel sweater (long sleeves would be for winter wear). Black flats worn only with nylons. Saddle shoes with bobby sox would be less dressy, but on the way out within a few years.

Snavely's boat shirt is a sign of the impact of the "beat generation". To him it connotes high-fashion bohemianism. The 3/4-length sleeves are the coolest, and on Kingston Trio album covers indicate to him a collegiate sophistication.

His black loafers are, unfortunately, his only decent leather shoes and must do for both casual and dress-up. The shoes he buys are cheap and lose their shape so fast that they look too dumpy for dress-up clothes, even when he polishes them (not often). By the time he has money for another pair he will be so desperate that he'll switch to the new ones every day, and they too will become shabby before their time.

This style loafer also has the drawback that the "tongue" quickly loses its stiffness, becoming floppy and dumb-looking. But Snavely will wear no other style of loafer. When new they look great.

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