Panel 2 Dec. 12, Saturday.

Me and Danny went out for basketball manager for the sophomore Reserve team. We clean the balls and stuff and get to go to all the games. It's a lot of fun. Some people might think it's kind of dorky but I don't. The most important thing is it gets us out of gym class. I have NEVER gone to gym class.

Kathy Cadenza was flirting with me in History on Friday. I could sure go for that!

After the football game last night at Miflin, Ed Huhn, his sister Liz, Bill Gustafson, Jack Ferguson, Alan Landis, and Bill Schreck and I went into Columbus to the Low Spot, the legendary beatnik coffee house. In front there were signs - "Low Spot," "Jazz," "Gallo Quintet," and a small sign saying, "Like man, Rejoice!"

We went through a door with opaque glass into a bar (coffee) with a few depressed-looking characters sitting at the tables and a Negro with a big cigar behind the bar. A fellow took the 50-cent cover charge and we turned down a stairway to the Low Spot. Down at the bottom of the dingy stairs were two clean metal garbage cans under a spotlight. We looked out over a large, low-ceilinged, smoke-filled room with red & blue lights. In the middle sitting on a stool on a slightly elevated platform amid drums & sax & clarinet & bass fiddle & piano was a shaggy bearded guy reciting cool poetry.

The freedom train,
the freedom train,
here comes the freedom train,
get ready for the freedom train...

We sat down at a couple of the picnic tables that were set up around the room. I ordered a cinnamon coffee. Oh, hell's bells, I'm too tired to finish this.

Today I did a cool pen and ink drawing of the Low Spot.